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About Roland - Founder/CEO

I’ve been involved in entertainment and video for over four decades. The Internet gave me a way to expand beyond my challenges and excel in things that I love ! A series of strokes from 2006 to 2012 left me with “hemiplegia.” In spite of this, I etched a path to video recording and editing, voice development, and coaching “new-preneurs” in the best practices and protocols of live streaming.

The primary methodology behind everything I do is called, “MINMAXING.”


In the last decade, computer gamers developed a character-building strategy of focusing on one specific skill or strength theorizing that this attribute can be sufficient to dominate. MINMAXING your MEDIA starts with achieving the minimum acceptable quality before distribution. In this, you don’t have to “do everything,” but you must do a few things right! To promote timeliness and economy, the results are…

“The Minimum You Need For
Maximum Impact.”


YouTube Live Hangouts On Air  – This is today’s hottest trend for marketing, collaborating, and producing video. I acknowledged the “video wave” formally in September, 2014. Tim Rubin’s blog in December, 2016 called Live Streaming the “Biggest Content Marketing Trend Heading into 2017,” because it’s magic when a live event is “allowing you to engage with those streams, so you’re now able to be a part of the conversation.” People are starting to listen. Smart people are starting live streaming.

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MINMAXING can change your life. 

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